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The Fishing Boat

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The start of the season is not far away.
We will soon see the Plaice, Black Bream, Bass, Smooth Hounds, Gar Fish and Mackerel, the Rays, Congers and everything else in between.

Gurnards, Pouting, Dogfish, John Dory, Monkfish, Tope.

Help to build this list with your stories and tales that you have to tell.

Come on after all you are a fisherman!!!

Tell us all about
What happened that day that made you laugh
What was you scariest day out
Offer your help and advice to others

Tell them about tips and things to avoid in your local area

Help them with what to include to make their day out more enjoyable

The Fishing Boat

Thefishingboat.com should be enjoyed by all.
A family friendly resource for anyone interested in boat fishing.
Based near Portsmouth on the south coast we shall be sharing some local experiences, catches and fun days out.

We would like you to do the same and tell all of us about the results of your days out and the fun that you have had.
This web site will include the whole of the UK coastal areas.

We would love to hear from you all, tell us about any ideas that you may have to make the site more interesting, advertising that you would like included, Clubs, Individuals, Businesses

You are all welcome


Fishing Clubs, Fishing Competitions
Charter Skippers, Boat Hire
Fishing Tackle For Sale
Boats For Sale, Classified Adds
Engines Serviced, Outboards, Inboards
Petrol Engines, Diesel Engines
Trailers, Sales, Spares and Repairs
Boatyards, Marinas
Launching Facilities
Electronics, Fish Finders
RYA, Training

Photo Gallery


Cooking Your Favourite Fish

Share all of this, and more with others

help build a friendly UK Internet based

boat fishing community.